The season for scammers posing as Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) representatives.

Clark Robinson |

Corporate Accounting and Tax Vernon BC

CRA may contact you by phone, email and mail but please be aware that:

CRA will never contact you by text message or by Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. If you have received a message with a link, do not click on it.

CRA will never phone demanding immediate payment by interac e-transfer, bitcoin or prepaid credit card, use aggressive language or threaten you with arrest or the police. If someone phones saying they are from CRA, do not give out any information. Ask for, and make note of, the caller’s name, phone number, and office location and tell them first you want to verify their identity. You can then contact CRA by calling 1-800-959-8281 for individuals or 1-800-959-5525 for businesses to ensure the person contacting you was in fact a CRA representative.

CRA will never send an email asking for personal or financial information or with a link to click on pertaining to a refund or an online form to fill in with personal for financial details.

For more information, please visit the CRA website or click on the following link: